Profoto D1 Air 500W + 500W + 1000W set

  • High-visibility LED readout with 7 stop range in precise 1/10th stop increments
  • Rapid recycling (0.2 - 0.95 sec @ 120V, 0.2 - 0.95 sec. @ 230V) insures that fleeting gestures and defining moments are caught, not lost
  • The 300W modeling lamp meets the challenge posed by a high ambient light level on set provides easy pre-visualization of the final shot
  • Air System technology makes the sync cord obsolete, allowing remote triggering of your D1 from as much as 1,000' (300 m) away.
  • Lightweight design with durable polycarbonate shell and built-in 77 degree umbrella reflector
  • Self-sensing multi-voltage capability allows you to take the renowned Profoto quality of light anywhere in the world
  • Super-short flash duration (1/1,000 - 1/2,600 Sec. t0.5) provides crisp, action-stopping images, and is especially valuable for dance, sports and other highly kinetic subjects
  • Highly consistent shot-to-shot performance within a +/- 0.05 stop range via dual-mode SMPS capacitor technology
  • Safety features include auto-diagnostic start-up circuitry, DDP (Deep Discharge Protection), pulse-charging capacitor circuitry temperature control and overload protection
  • Fully compatible with the extensive line of renowned Profoto light shaping tools

Nomas Cena :

1 diena75€
2 dienas113€
3 dienas150€
5 dienas225€
7 dienas300€
10 dienas375€
14 dienas475€
nedēļas nogale94€
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Komplektā :

  • 2gab Profoto D1 AIR 500W
  • 1gab Profoto D1 AIR 1000W
  • Soma
  • Statīvi
  • Trigeris
  • Profoto Honeycomb
  • 3x softbox vai lietussargi