Godox UL150 Silent Video Light

Godox UL150 is a 5600K daylight-balanced 150W LED video light. It introduces a new heat-dissipation system without a cooling fan while still maintains efficient heat dissipation, making it super silent and a welcome lighting source for professional broadcasting use, cinematography, YouTube Live, and other video applications as users are able to focus more on the content and never trouble from any noise interference by light fixture
  • Super Silent Operation/NO Fan Designed with an elaborate heat-dissipation system, without built-in cooling fans, allowing for virtually inaudible operation, getting free from modifying the lighting positions to accommodate the fan noise.
  • Exceptional Color Quality With CRI rating of 96 and TLCI rating of 97, UL150 delivers vibrant natural light and reproduces accurate colors. UL150 has an umbrella mount on the light head for softening your light easier. The light fixture is also compatible with a wide range of Bowens-mount accessories to shape and control your light.
  • Flexible Light Placement UL150 has a separate controlling box with a very clear display from the primary light head, keeping the balance of weight off of the top of a stand. Meanwhile, as the controlling box is at a distance from the light head, the placement of the light is far more flexible. The rotating yoke of the UL150 allows underslung to go low to the ground without any discomfort, able to be adjusted at any angles easily.
  • Optional Power Supply The UL150 is DC powered but also has the option to be powered by a V-mount battery to let you free of the hassle of heavy-duty cabling, providing more mobile versatility on location and in the studio.
  • Multiple control methods With remote control, you can select 6 groups and 16 different channels and dimming the light brightness form 100% to 0% in stepless increments via the remote control or the controlling box directly. The silent LED video light also allows use with the downloadable GodoxPhoto App to control its lighting set-up.

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Komplektācija : 

  • Video gaisma
  • Statīvs
  • Lietussargs vai Octabox (80/95/120cm)
  • Reflektors
  • soma

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