SIRUI Sniper 56mm f1.2 E-mount AF APS-C

  • Focal Length: With a 56mm focal length, this lens enters the realm of the portrait master, offering a flattering compression and a more intimate field of view. It’s superb for capturing the nuanced expressions of portraiture, the intricate beauty of close-ups, and the elegance of medium-telephoto compositions.
  • Aperture: The generous f/1.2 aperture serves as a gateway to creativity, inviting ample light for low-light shooting and enabling profound depth of field manipulation. Achieve mesmerizing bokeh that makes your subjects stand out with crisp detail against a soothingly defocused backdrop.
  • Autofocus: Equipped with a rapid and whisper-quiet autofocus system, this lens is a guardian of moments. It’s proficient in nailing focus with precision and speed, ensuring your subject is rendered with striking sharpness, be it in a serene portrait or a dynamic urban capture.
  • Optics: Engineered with meticulous optics, the lens promises exemplary sharpness and contrast from edge to edge. Lens coatings are meticulously applied to counteract ghosting and flare, so your photographs retain clarity and color fidelity even when light conditions are far from ideal.
  • Build Quality: The Sniper lens is constructed with a resilient, metal chassis that offers both a reassuring robustness and ergonomic lightness—a harmonious combination for the photographer who values reliability as much as ease of transport.
  • Ease of Use: Ergonomic design principles make the 56mm lens a joy to handle. Its focus ring glides smoothly, and the controls are intuitively placed for quick, seamless adjustments, allowing you to maintain your creative rhythm without interruption.
  • Compatibility: Available for a range of mirrorless camera mounts, the lens integrates effortlessly with your existing setup, upholding all critical electronic functions including aperture control, metadata transmission, and in-camera image stabilization, where supported.

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