SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2 E-mount AF APS-C

  • Focal Length: The 23mm focal length offers a wide yet natural perspective, akin to the human eye, perfect for a broad spectrum of photography from street scenes and landscapes to environmental portraits and everyday snapshots.
  • Aperture: With an impressive f/1.2 maximum aperture, the Sniper lens allows an abundance of light to reach your camera’s sensor. This not only enables shooting in lower light conditions but also provides exquisite control over depth of field, giving you the ability to isolate your subject with a smooth, creamy bokeh that makes your images pop.
  • Autofocus: Swift and silent, the autofocus system of the Sirui Sniper lens locks onto subjects with unerring accuracy. Whether you’re capturing the fleeting moments of urban life or the vibrant expressions of your portrait subjects, the lens delivers crisp images without missing a beat.
  • Optics: Crafted with precision optics, the lens offers outstanding sharpness and contrast across the entire frame. Advanced lens coatings have been applied to minimize ghosting and flare, ensuring your images are clear and vibrant, even when shooting in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Build Quality: The Sniper’s robust build quality is evident in its tactile metal construction, offering durability without excess weight. It’s a lens that feels as professional as the images it produces, designed to withstand the rigors of daily use by discerning photographers.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive design and a comfortable grip make the Sirui Sniper 23mm lens a joy to use. Its smooth focus ring and responsive controls allow for effortless adjustments on the fly, ensuring that your creative process is as uninterrupted as your vision.
  • Compatibility: Available for a variety of mirrorless camera mounts, this lens integrates seamlessly with your existing gear, maintaining all electronic communications for aperture control, metadata, and image stabilization where available.

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