Insta360 X4

  • IMMERSIVE 360 VIDEO - The 8K era is here. Insta360 X4 delivers 360° video in stunning 8K or 5.7K60fps! Use Active HDR to keep shots color accurate too, even in action scenarios.
  • SIMPLE, EASY REFRAMING - With Insta360 X4, get out there and shoot, not having to worry about lining up a shot. Shoot first, then reframe easily after, all in the AI-powered Insta360 app.
  • INVISIBLE SELFIE STICK EFFECT- The signature third-person Insta360 shot, a specialty of 360 cameras. Immerse your viewers in obstruction-free 360° video, just like you're using a drone or as if you have your own film crew.
  • 4K & 170° ULTRA-WIDE POV - X4 can also be used as a wide-angle 4K action camera at a whopping 4K60fps, or get super wide views with the incredible 170° MaxView at 4K30fps.
  • ULTRA STABLE FOOTAGE - FlowState Stabilization and 360° Horizon Lock deliver smooth, level shots, no matter how intense the action is.
  • COLD RESISTANT & WATERPROOF - X4 can handle temperatures as low as -20ºC with ease. You can also take X4 down to 10m without a dive case or 60m with the Invisible Dive Case.
  • IMPROVED 2290MAH BATTERY, FAST CHARGING - Compared to Insta360 X3, X4 offers 67% longer run time. Capture up to 135 minutes on one charge, with fast charging to get back out there faster than ever.

Pilns apraksts : ŠEIT

Nomas Cena :

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2 dienas33€
3 dienas44€
5 dienas66€
7 dienas88€
10 dienas110€
14 dienas139€
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Komplektācija :
  • Kamera
  • Soma
  • 2 baterijas
  • 128GB atmiņas karte
  • Invisible selfie stick