Desview TP150 Teleprompter

  • All-metal aluminium alloy, 15 inch liftable teleprompter: Desview TP150 teleprompter made of full aluminium alloy, thick and durable, takes integrated design, easy for quick installation. Liftable platform and inclined pull-up PTZ can quickly adapt to the recording equipment. An aluminium case is convenient for storage and transport.
  • Supports tablets with horizontal/vertical alignment up to 15.3 inches. This camera teleprompter is designed to be DSLR camera/mirrorless/camcorder/live webcam, supports DSLR horizontal/vertical shooting; supports iPad smartphone horizontal/vertical prompting up to 15.3 inches, prompting devices clamps maximum extension length 295 mm, easy to change.
  • Easy to read with high resolution display: the DSLR teleprompter adopts hardened 70/30 beam divider glass with 26 layers coating for no light loss, gives the highest definition input prompt, easy to read. 7H hardness and the glass lid protect your teleprompters well during transport and storage.
  • The teleprompter for tablet and smartphone prompter supports more than 24 mm horizontal shots and less than 35 mm vertical shots; equipped with removable sun visor that quickly adapts to the camera lens.
  • Free app and remote control: the teleprompter with remote control can simultaneously scroll through the text and freely set play/pause, slow down/speed up. The free app "Desview", which works with the remote control, is offered in App Stores and is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

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