DJI MIC 2 + 2x lavmic

  • Crystal-Clear Audio Makes You Sound Like a Pro - This wireless microphone delivers high-quality audio with brighter, clearer, and more enjoyable vocal recording, making it ideal for interviews, vlogs, and much more.
  • Ready When You Are - The transmitters and receiver are pre-linked and ready to go, letting you easily save time and improve efficiency. Features USB-C and Lightning adapters for more scenarios.
  • No More Worrying About Lost Audio - This wireless lavalier microphone's transmitters can each be used as standalone recorders with up to 14 hours of internal recording [4]. And 32-bit float ensures clear audio even if audio levels spike.
  • Less Noise, Better Vocals - Intelligent noise cancelling makes vocals more clear, even when conducting interviews or shooting videos in locations with erratic and unpredictable sounds.
  • Extended Range, Expanded Possibilities - Experience stable wireless audio recording within a 250-meter range (FCC) [6], allowing you to shoot and record more flexibly in more scenarios.
  • Up to 18 Hours of Operation - Say goodbye to battery anxiety. Whether you're livestreaming or making videos in remote locations with fewer charging options, this Bluetooth microphone has got your back.
  • Includes a receiver, two transmitters (Shadow Black), a charging case, and more for up to 18 hours of use and videos with multiple speakers or stereo sound requirements.

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