NanLite Pavotube II 30C Set of 4

  • ACCURATE VERSATILITY - With a class-leading SSI of 82 (3200K) and 72 (5600K), CRI of 97 and TLCI of 98, an expanded CCT range of 2700K-7500K, and a wide G/M adjustment of +/-150, PavoTube II 30C is both highly accurate and adaptable
  • EXTENSIVE CONTROL - Features on-board controls and an OLED screen, you can control with your phone through Bluetooth with the free NANLINK app for iOS & Android, has a locking metal DMX/RDM port, and 2.4G
  • BATTERY ADVANCEMENTS - Recharges 43 mins faster than previous generation, can charge with the AC adapter at the endcap or the USB-C port on the back, gets over 2.5 hours of life at 100% brightness and 29 hours at 1%
  • NEXT-GEN PERFORMANCE - Output is up to 42% brighter, internal diffusion obscures the LEDs creating a seamless tube of light, it has 15 built-in effects that you can customize and save as presets in the NANLINK app
  • IMPROVEMENTS EVERYWHERE - Endcaps are more compact, illumination surface is larger, features can be added in the future with firmware updates, can stand vertically with the LSFLT12MII Foldable Floor Stand (sold separately)

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2 dienas75€
3 dienas100€
5 dienas150€
7 dienas200€
10 dienas250€
14 dienas317€
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