Godox QR-P120T Quick Release Softbox [profoto]

Start shooting with no complications using the QR-P120T Quick Release Softbox with Bowens Mount from Godox. This 47.2" softbox is designed for quick assembly and teardown with a parabolic shape that yields a soft output with a punchy, crisp edge. A separately available grid can be added to your QR-P120T setup to further tune your lighting effects.
  • Customizable Lighting - The QR-P120T's reflective silver interior maximizes the output, while casting flattering illumination. The softbox comes with removable outer and inner diffusers that can be used together, one at a time, or not at all to achieve different levels of contrast.
  • Easy Setup and Breakdown - Simply lift the rods until they click into position on the speed ring. For an expedited setup, simultaneously lift two opposing rods. When is time to breakdown, slightly lift one of the rods while pushing its button.
  • Widely Compatible - This modifier is compatible with a wide range of Godox's Bowens S mount strobes and continuous lights. Expanding your possibilities, it can also be used with Profoto or Broncolor light sources via a compatible optional speed ring.
  • For Different Scenarios - The QR-P120T is well-suited for on-location work, small spaces, live streaming setups, and a variety of video recording applications.

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