Neewer SNL 960 LED Video Light 

  • Intelligent app control system: the light equipped with the mobile app control function can be controlled by your smart mobile device. Brightness, colour temperature, channels  can be controlled by app and designed with memory function

  • Ultra bright LED lamps: this is a professional photo and video LED light with 960 high-quality LED bulbs (480 white and 480 yellow LED bulbs). The service life can reach 70,000 hours and the CRI can reach 96 hours to support real-color restoration. Adjustable cold and warm  temperature (3200K-5600K); the brightness can be adjusted from 0-100%.

  • LCD display and all-metal design: on the 2 inch LCD screen, the parameters of intelligent metal light (battery power, brightness, colour temperature and channel) can be clearly displayed, so users can clearly observe the working status of the light. Excellent quality aviation aluminium alloy shows simple, elegant appearance and durable use, better heat dissipation.

  • AC Optional Charging Ways: Support an indoor power supply or an external battery with V lock to provide great convenience when taking pictures outdoors

  • Barn door or barn door and multiple uses options: By attaching barn gates, a beam of light can be created. Comes with a white diffuser filter to soften the hard light, and a carry bag to store the light and accessories.

Nomas Cena : 

 1 diena15€
 2 dienas26€
 3 dienas34€
 5 dienas49€
 7 dienas62€
10 dienas78€
14 dienas96€
nedēļas nogale21€
cits dienu skaitspēc vienošanās 

Nomas Komplektācija : 

  • 1x LED Video gaisma
  • Gaismas statīvs
  • 1x Strāvas adapteris
  • V-Mount Battery
  • Soma