Neewer 660 LED Bi-Color Light Set of 2

2.4G Wireless Remote Control can easily adjust brightness, Channel and color temperature from within 20 meters distance. Designed with 11 channels (1-10 Channel and "88" Channel) and with the remote control, this light allows you to control one 660 light or control multiple 660 lights at the same time by setting the channel No. of the remote as "88" to achieve more creative work.

This light illuminates a variable white balance from Tungsten-Daylight from 3200 to 5600K; 2 separate knobs on the panel back for adjusting color temperature and brightness; CRI 96+ can truly restore the color of the shooting product or portrait; Clear LCD screem can show the brightness, color temperature and power status of the light.

The light stand is made of corrosion-resistant metal, giving this light stand exceptional strength for heavy duty work, pretty sturdy for your shooting.

The legs of the light stand can also fold in and have a lock to lock them in place. Lightweight and perfect for store and travelling.

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5 dienas58€
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10 dienas93€
14 dienas112€
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