Godox SL150W II

  • 150W LED bulbs guarantee high light brightness
  • Bowens mount
  • Daylight-balanced with a color temperature of 5600K with a ±200K variance
  • The color rendering index is over 96 and TLCI 97, presenting the objects authentically
  • Large-sized LCD panel. Settings auto saved
  • With temperature control function to prevent overheating
  • With specialized protect cover to protect the LED beads
  • With premium heatsink and built-in fan to offer excellent heat dissipation
  • Yoke with tightening knob
  • Featuring 8 preset special effects, you can simulate the lighting effects of flash, storm, TV, and a broken bulb, and so on, bringing you more creative possibilities in photography and video shooting.
  • You can turn off the fan at a touch of the Silent mode button to eliminate the noise during use.(Note: when turning off the fan, brightness will lightly get dim)

Pilns apraksts : ŠEIT

Nomas Cena :

1 diena18€
2 dienas30€
3 dienas40€
5 dienas58€
7 dienas75€
10 dienas93€
14 dienas112€
nedēļas nogale25€
cits dienu skaitspēc vienošanās

Nomas Komplektācija :

  • 1x LED Video gaisma
  • Gaismas statīvs
  • 1x octabox
  • Soma