Genesis SteadyCam PRO 2.25

Genesis Steadycam Pro is a professional manual image stabilizer intended for cameras and camcorders. It features  precise centre of gravity adjustment through a quick release mounting plate and adjustable height of the counterbalance which may loaded with additional weights. 

  • load capacity: 2.25 kg
  • maximum height: 59cm
  • minimum height: 31cm
  • unique 3-axis toggle handle
  • quick-release mounting plate for cameras and camcorders
  • smooth and easy balancing of the kit
  • possibility to mount additional weights on the counterbalance
  • rigid aluminium construction
  • light-weight
  • additional bolts to adjust the centre of gravity

High efficiency of the Steadycam Pro stabilizer ensures extremely smooth recording, even if you run or climb the stairs.The quick-release mounting plate for a camera or camcorder may be precisely shifted forward, backwards and sideways through additional adjusting bolts to perfectly balance the entire kit.

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10 dienas36€
14 dienas45€
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