Neewer X12 Teleprompter

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With this adjustable teleprompter, you can read scrolling text as you naturally look into the camera and keep eye contact with your audience. So you can easily record perfect and natural videos.

  • The teleprompter includes a remote control for easy operation. Start with intelligent control by downloading and installing the Inmei Teleprompter app in the most important App Stores on your devices. Connect it to the remote control and teleprompter. Then you can easily operate the teleprompter, e.g. by entering text or changing settings such as font size, playback speed, background and font colour, etc.
  • With two 1/4"-20 female threads and two cold shoe mounts, you can attach video lights, microphones and other compatible accessories to the teleprompter for complete setup.
  • Made of aluminium alloy, the teleprompter is lightweight yet durable enough to hold your camera, tablet and other accessories in place when creating videos.
  • The teleprompter is easy to assemble and disassemble. The included carry bag allows for easy storage and transport. Perfect for studio operations and video content that is constantly on the move.
  • Adjustment range for the holder: 20.1 cm.
  • Reading range: 3m
  • Weight (teleprompter & carry bag): 2.46 kg.