Tilta TA-T22-FCC-G Cage for R5/R6

Without blocking the camera's hot shoe, the Tilta Full Camera Cage for Canon R5/R6, in Tilta gray, provides two additional shoe mounts plus mounting threads for several optional Tilta add-ons. Dedicated 1/4"-20 threads allow you to attach side handles, single 15mm rod holders, and an HDMI clamp. There are also small threads on the front for securing a lens adapter support. For adjusting camera settings, the cage features a scroll wheel on top that controls the camera's right-hand scroll wheel .

Included with the cage is a quick release plate that attaches to the bottom. The plate offers multiple 1/4"-20 threads for balancing the cage on gimbals and other supports. The plate also allows quick release attachment to the optional Tilta 15mm LWS baseplate, which will let you expand the cage with rods and other accessories. Alternatively, Arca-Swiss and Manfrotto standard Tilta quick release plates can be purchased separately and attached in place of the included plate for direct compatibility with Arca/Manfrotto tripods and other supports.

The camera mounting platform is silicone padded for safe camera attachment. Also, a slot is provided on top for securing a safety strap, sold separately. The battery slot of the camera and all other ports and controls remain accessible through the all-aluminum cage.

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