Sigma EX 105mm f/2.8 DG Macro

The Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro lens delivers superb, distortion-free images throughout its broad focus range, from infinity telephoto to lifesize (1:1) macro, as close as 12.2" (31 cm) without accessories. Its non-rotating front lens group makes it easier to work with polarizing filters. A focus limiter helps divide the broad focus range into more manageable chunks.

The "focus-free" mechanical design allows the lens to autofocus without any interference from the manual focus ring, making it easy to hold the lens without affecting the speed or normal operation of the autofocus function. Rugged mechanical construction also makes it durable enough for even the heaviest use required by professional photographers. An ideal lens for a wide variety of applications from nature photography to portraiture.

The improved DG lens design for this lens corrects for various aberrations. This macro lens is specially coated to get the best color balance while cutting down on ghosting caused by reflections from the digital image sensor. The lens provides the utmost correction against lateral chromatic aberration which is a serious problem for digital SLR cameras.

Note: AF not supported by D40, D60, D3000 & D5000 cameras

  • Maksimālais atvērums : f/2.8
  • Minimālais atvērums : f/22 - 45
  • Paredzēts : Nikon FX /Nikon DX
  • Skata leņķis : 23.3°
  • Minimālais fokusa attālums : 31.24 cm
  • Maksimālais palielinājums : 1:1
  • Elementi/grupas 11/10
  • 8 Diafragmas lapiņas
  • 58 mm filtra izmērs
  • Izmēri : 78.7 x 94 mm
  • Svars 450 g

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